A Tale of the Accidental Home Invaders

imageThis week I had the best visitor yet- my mom! She flew all the way from New Jersey to spend the week with me in Sevilla and together we visited Portugal for the weekend. I showed her all of my favorite places in the city, she really loved the cookie store and trying cappuccinos from every cafe. We also went to the Arab Baths together, which were the most relaxing two hours I’ve had in a while.

Then, on Thursday evening we rented a car and began our short trip to Portugal. The drive to our bed and breakfast was only supposed to be an hour and a half, so leaving Sevilla at 6pm should have given us plenty of time.

One tiny town in Portugal

One tiny town in Portugal

My iPhone GPS took us to this teeny tiny village five kilometers from the Spanish border. We drove through it in about three minutes and decided that Google Maps must’ve messed up because there was no way there could be a bed and breakfast in a town that only had one restaurant.

Thirty minutes later and we ended up in a town just as small where we stumbled upon the road of our bed and breakfast. But for some reason we still couldn’t find the physical place. We drove in circles for what felt like an hour and even went in to the one bar in town to ask for directions but still no luck. Finally, we drove past a house that looked as if it could potentially be a bed and breakfast, so mom parked the car and I got out and knocked on the front door. There was no answer but I definitely heard voices on the other side. Mom came over and together we went around to another front door which was already open.

imageInside, was a tiny old woman probably in her 80s or 90s sitting on a chair. My mom tried to ask in Portuguese/Spanish if this was the B&B and old woman nodded happily and told us to come right inside. So we did. She pointed us toward the kitchen and we started to hear voices that sounded like a family having dinner. That was when we really looked around and realized we had just walked right inside this family’s house during dinnertime. We thanked the old woman and went around to a third door where the father opened up and finally pointed us in the right direction of the B&B. It ended up being just around the corner, however there were no signs or street names or anything to make finding it easier. In the end we made it to the B&B, it was run by a family and we were their only guests, but it was cute and the village was very pretty.

This was the only sign for the B&B

This was the only sign for the B&B

imageThe next day we went further into Portugal and stopped in three beach towns. My favorite was Tavira, it was very cute and we ate a great meal in the town center. We spent the night in a hotel in Albufeira.

image   Albufeira was incredibly touristy to the point that we couldn’t find a single restaurant that served Portuguese food, every restaurant was British and had three hosts outside just waiting to try and lure you into eating their overpriced meals. But at least the hotel view of the beach was stunning.image

On the ride back to Sevilla, we stopped at a supermarket so my mom could take back cheese and chocolate and olive oil. Then I dropped her off at the airport and returned to my house in time for dinner.

It was a great week of eating lots of good food and spending some quality time with my mom.image

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