The Land of Chocolate


In a city known for chocolates, waffles, and french fries I managed to eat and see my way through Brussels in 24 hours with the company of my dear friend Vicky. This marked the start of our two week, five country Europe trip. Brussels was actually exactly what I expected it to be- a small quirky city with good food and friendly people. Even though it took us about an hour to figure out what language is spoken there (turns out its both French AND Dutch), communication and navigating the city was quite simple.


Outside the Royal Palace!


After a quick lunch and coffee we started our day walking into the city center and exploring the streets. We wandered past a few beautiful churches and parks, passing by the European Union building and foreign embassies. Then we strolled through the Sablon area which should really just be called “Chocolate Lane” since every other store was a chocolatier. I bought some of the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted in my life there.


We spent the afternoon touring the comic museum (Brussels seems to be very interested in comics, since there are many graffiti comic-murals spread across the city as well). In the evening we stumbled upon the plaza containing the town hall as well as numerous other gold plated buildings and relaxed on the clean cobblestone for some time.


For dinner, I tried pork meatballs in a speculous (yes, as in the cookie) and dark beer sauce which turned out to be really good! Before heading home for the night we stopped to take a peek at Mannekin Pis which is literally just a tiny statue of a boy peeing. Usually he’s dressed up in one of his hundreds of outfits but that day he was in the nude.


Mannekin Pis

The next day we walked back into the town center and saw a couple palaces and government buildings, I liked the Royal Palace the best, it made me feel like a princess. We went to the Musical Instruments Museum which is well worth the two euro it costs to get inside.

There was also a celebration going on for VE day which for some reason entailed an excellent procession of fat geese as well as around thirty food trucks and a weird “vintage-y” merry go round.

I have come to the conclusion that Brussels is the oddest city with the best chocolate I have visited so far.


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