Want to Test Your Language Skills? Try Going to a Hospital

Long story short: I got a piercing back in the states a few months ago and for some reason it just now got infected and embedded itself into my skin. It’s gross, I know.

Yesterday morning I realized what had happened to my piercing so I decided to visit a local piercer and solve the problem. However, the piercer told me to go to the hospital immediately. She said there was nothing she could do and that if I waited any longer the infection would get worse and could become harmful (since the ear is so close to the brain). Afterwards, I got two other opinions from different piercers who all told me the same thing: go to a hospital. I’ve never been to a hospital in my life, and the thought of going alone in a foreign country freaked me out. But it had to be done.

So this morning I woke up and went to the ER. I waited for over an hour amongst countless people all coughing and sneezing- I could practically feel their germs in the air- until I finally saw a doctor. He led me to another doctor who loosened the earring and then cut it out of my ear. Then I had to talk to two other doctors and give them my insurance, information, etc.

It wasn’t exactly what I had planned for my Friday morning, but at least now I know how to say “ear infection” and “no needles” in Spanish.

In other news, I also started University classes this week at La Universidad de Sevilla, which is absolutely gorgeous (Fun Fact: it  used to be a tobacco factory!). I haven’t taken any pictures of the University so far, so please enjoy the view from Las Setas for the time being. I promise I’ll take some pictures this week!  la giralda

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One thought on “Want to Test Your Language Skills? Try Going to a Hospital

  1. Lilly

    Oh my gosh I’m glad you’re okay!! And I like that the take home lesson included “no needles.” Haha anyways hope you’re doing well besides that. I’m enjoying your blog so far! (I feel like a mom, oh well) love ya!


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