Allegra, Meet Sevilla

It’s Sunday and raining and I couldn’t ask for anything more. After a week filled with activities it’s nice to take a moment and relax even though my brain keeps telling me to keep exploring.

On Monday I started Spanish classes at a language school called CLIC IH and I am amazed at how far my Spanish has come in just one week. Though I’m sure this is partly due to living in a homestay with four Spanish host sisters. They are all roughly my age and have similar interests like film and music so there is always plenty to talk about besides the usual comparing of cultures. We live in the center of Sevilla, very close to the Cathedral and La Giralda, and all of the surrounding streets look very similar which means that I have already gotten lost more times than I’d like to admit.


Las Setas right around the corner from my home.

I have also explored (and gotten lost in) the city center, the surrounding Plazas, and the main shopping streets (their biggest sale season is going on right now and all I want to do is shop!). My favorite area as of right now is la Avenida de la Constitución which is where the Cathedral is located.

The Cathedral in Sevilla

The Cathedral in Sevilla

My excursions, though, haven’t been contained to Sevilla alone. Yesterday my school took us to visit Cordoba, the capitol of Andalusia and a city well know for its Mesquite and one remaining synagogue. It is amazing that you can walk down a street here and stumble into something that was built over 600 years ago, like the Synagogue. That is something you can’t see every day walking through Times Square or downtown LA.

La Mesquita en Cordoba.

La Mesquita en Cordoba.

Just your average Jew in a 700 year old synagogue.

Just your average Jew in a 700 year old synagogue.

Spain is quite different than what I’m used to in the United States, but I can say that I’ve already fallen in love with the customs and culture here.


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